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Campfire Ghost Stories: The Curse of the Haunted House

by Shivani

The Ghost of the Haunted House

The Ghost of the Haunted House

There used to be a small girl named Elisa who used to pass through a house in ruins while coming back from school. That house was haunted.

Elisa's friends told her many stories about that haunted house, but she would laugh at them and tell them that there was no such things as ghosts. You could say she was twelve to fourteen years. But she never believed in ghosts.

One day, her friend Rebecca challenged her to go to that haunted house at midnight while she waited outside. Elisa agreed to that challenge. She got dressed to go to that haunted house with a torch in her hand. She met Rebecca outside. Rebecca wished Elisa good luck. Elisa told her not to worry all would be fine and that she would come back safe and sound.

So she left towards the haunted house. As soon as she entered, the doors behind her closed. She was terrified that the doors closed. Elisa walked through the eerie hallways of the mansion. Suddenly someone tapped her shoulder, she looked behind and saw a woman in a white gown standing next to her. Elisa shrieked and tried to run but the ghost said, "There is no use running away because you are about to be killed"

Elisa asked, "But, why?"

"Let me tell you why - Just as I got married me and my husband lived a very happy life until a woman called Lily Johnson deprived my husband of liking me."

"But, that is my grandmother!" said Elisa.

"Oh it is good that I have trapped a dear relative of Lily . . . So my husband planned to kill me. I was stabbed to death while I was asleep. So, I would love to take revenge on you."

"No, please I have done nothing wrong in life to die!"

"No, since you are so close to Lily and you have been trapped in the house I will not miss the opportunity of killing you."

So the ghost killed Elisa and her soul could therefore rest in peace. So the curse of the haunted house was that if anybody entered the house they would have to lose their lives; only then can the ghost rest in peace.


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Campfire Ghost Stories: The Curse of the Haunted House

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Sep 05, 2011
by: Melissa S.

It's a very good story about the young girl, but is the story true? I would have to go and see the house for myself to know the truth. Creepy picture too, but there are a ton of ways to fake it. I saw this picture in a book at a book store and it was a story of a burning house I think. I can't remember but it was very interesting.

Thank you for posting this story. I love to read about ghosts and watch Ghost Hunters on TV. Thanks again! :)

-Melissa S.
Age: 12

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