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Campfire Ghost Stories: Emilia

Emilia was a nine-year-old girl who lived on a horseranch. Each day at the crack of dawn, she would wake herself and go ride her horse, Buster. She and Buster had a connection. He understood her as well as she understood him.

One day, Emilia woke up at noon. Her alarm clock had been shut off. She panicked and rushed to the door. Before she left, her mother tapped her shoulder and said, "Sweeetheart, Buster is gone. He Went to a better place this morning." Emilia cried for weeks. She was always depressed, and rarely spoke.

After about a month, Emilia's mother noticed that she was acting miraculously happy. When she asked why, Emilia replied, "Buster came home! He is back from his trip to the better place." Her mother began to feel slightly uneasy.

While Emilia was in her room, her mom ran out to the barn, and there she saw...nothing.

A week later, Emilia came in at 10:00 in the morning, while her mother was cooking breakfast.

"What were you up to out there sweetheart?" She asked.

Emilia replied, "I was riding Buster again. I'm so glad he's back from his trip!"

Her mother came up with a plan. The next morning, she woke up early and watched Emilia leave the house. She watched while Emilia was in the barn. Emilia came out on the back of a.... man! Her mother rushed outside and screamed, "Leave her alone!"

"Mom, it's okay it's Buster! He just returned from his trip to Hawaii! I thought you said he went to a better place!"

"I meant the horse is dead!" screamed her mother.

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