Brotherly Love

by Ella

My eyes filled with tears as I sat next to my brother's ghost. I tried not to listen to the threats he whispered, trying to ignore him as he explained all the horrible ways he could kill me.

"You're not real, you're not real...," I repeated this to myself, turning it into a silent chant.

"NO!" my brother thundered, "And I haven't been real since YOU KILLED ME!"

My brother crossed the room as my chant continued, stopping only when my brother came back to me, a smile on his face. The smell of rotting flesh became toxic as he leaned close to me. His face started to boil, the rotting flesh smell blotted out by the smell of puss.

His boils burst, spraying my face with spiders. My brothers skin was in strips, hanging off his now visible skull. My mouth opened in a silent scream. I was unable to close it, even when I felt tickling sensations on my face. The spiders crawled down my face to my still open mouth, making me gag as they started making there way down my throat...

"Wake up"

My brother stood over me, shaking what was left of the nightmare away from me.

My parents found me half way down the stairs. I was in hysterics after remembering that my brother had died three years ago.

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Brotherly Love

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Aug 10, 2011
by: Ava

I really hope your brother rests in peace. I have a brother myself. And I love him more than my life. I know where you are coming from. Although probably I would not be able to feel what you must have felt. I surely can't guess.

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