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Branson Ghost

by Sarah

My family took one of the ghost tours in Branson, Missouri. It was our first ghost tour and an exciting and chilling experience. We ended up getting a disposable camera, so many pictures weren't that great. However, I have been ghost hunting for about a year and this picture is still one of my best ones. This picture was taken in an alley at about 9:30 P.M. We learned from our tour guide that there was once a man and a woman who lived in the apartment and that they never got along very well. One day, the woman and the man got into an argument in which he threatened their daughter. In the desperate attempt to get the child back, the baby was dropped on her head and she died instantly. The wife then killed her husband in a rage and committed suicide by jumping out of the window.

If you look at the very last window at the right, you can see the top of the window is cut off and there's a black shadow-like figure leaning out of the window. You can see it better close up. Also note that that apartment has been empty for quite some time.

Learn about hauntings in Missouri here.

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Branson Ghost

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Jul 16, 2011
Dissapointed In Staff Behavior

One thing I hate the most is writing a bad review. In this case it was necessary.

Well I have to say I was rather disappointed in the staff itself. I called to try to see if I could make a special arrangement for my wife, to surprise her.

My wife has been diagnosed with cancer and it is spreading and she has to now be in a wheel chair due to her weakness. But she is such a very spiritual fun loving person. This is one of the activities she wanted to do the most when we got there.

I told her I wasn't sure if we would have time to do it, just so I could surprise her. Well I called and talked to someone and they told me the manager would have to call me. Well unfortunately no one ever returned my call. When I tried to call back no one answered. I went down there personally and no one was in the building. It was so disappointing to go back to the hotel and tell my wife I tried to surprise her with the ghost tour but I failed.
It was our last night there. So I asked her if she just wanted to drive down that way and see if she seen anything. My wife was blessed with a sense of feeling things that others cannot seem to feel and or see. She will tell me something is going to happen and if it's bad she will warn me not to go that way or do something and she is always right. It's kind of scary at times but yet I know god has blessed her with a gift.

Well anyway we actually saw the ghost tour so I thought maybe we could join them and pay when we got back. My wife asked the tour woman if this was the ghost tour and she was very rude to my wife. My wife was so hurt and she just told me to drive on she didn't even feel like asking if we could join.

I do not know if God will bless us to go back down to ever get a chance to do this again. And or have my wife around to view it.

All we wanted was a phone call and to make some type of arrangements for my wife since she is confined to a wheel chair we did not want to hold up the tour. I am sure the experience would have been something she would never forget, I just wish the staff would have been more considerate of our situation and call us back.

God bless,

Davis Family

Jun 21, 2011
Great Tour
by: Anonymous

We took the tour last week, June 14, 2011.

It was a wonderful experience. Our pictures didn't show much, but some in the group with more sophisticated cameras, captured a few orbs.

One picture looked as if it was snowing.

Well worth the money!

Aug 16, 2010
Good fun...not ghosts
by: Branson Junkie

I have been on that tour-- They are in no way "professional" for instance, they let people smoke in the group while people are snapping away... (oooo! there's some ecto!!)

As for your pic with the ghost with her head sticking out the window...there is a transformer on a pole right in front of the windows. Easy enough to speculate, since the pic is so dark and there isn't a control pic, (two snapped in succession) it's easy to imagine ghosts and whatnot. As I said, good fun, not ghosts!

Sep 24, 2009
by: michelle

It def looks like a shadow of someone ready to jump out the window!

Aug 29, 2009
by: Tom White

For tough to see images like this you may want to import them to a photo editor and try emobssing the picture to see if anything jumps out. If it doesn't work at first, sharpen the image a bit and try imbossing again. You'll be surprised at some of the things that jump out at you that you never noticed.

Jul 24, 2009
by: Gideon

We took this tour a week ago and got two orbs. One has a picture of an infant, the other has a face of a lady. Could be the baby that died and her mother. Very interesting.

Jun 22, 2009
Same tour last night
by: Anonymous

June 21,2009 My husband and I went on the same tour last night and this was the first time we've done anything like it. I have a shot in the same alley; and the window you are describing is the one (only one on that building) that has been bricked up and I have some shots of some orbs in different area. Had very interesting pics from that tour. Most that we noticed nothing about until pulling up on the computer tonight. Kind of freaked me out, but it's cool to see someone else's shots.

Jun 15, 2009
Good Job
by: Annalise

Thanks for sharing this, friend! That is so cool, I wish I had been there! I'm really happy you are "famous." I would probably scream my head off if this happened to me (getting a picture I took posted here, not the cool ghost thing. the ghost is my friend.)

BTW that is awesome and not creepy like everyone thinks!! That is just so cool!! Remember when we went ghost hunting? Nothing cool there. I wonder why...

Your friendie,

Jun 15, 2009
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you Sarah, not only for this photo, but for your description of the events, the type of camera, etc. Your accounting of the facts really sums up why this picture is so interesting and why it gives me chills.


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