Bloomington Minnesota Ghost

by Dana Savisik
(Bloomington, Minnesota, USA)

I was a single mom on welfare with one child living in a low income town home in Bloomington, Minnesota. I was a full time student at a Votech getting a two year degree in welding and fabrication.

Three months after I moved in, that’s when it all started to happen - electronics came off and on all by themselves. Light bulbs and the fixtures would explode for no reason with broken glass shooting in different directions. Smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night with no fire!

I did go through management for these problems and none of the men could find a problem.

Shortly after that, I started to date a really nice guy. He worked the second shift and would come over after work so it would be about 12:00 a.m. He would always come in and mix himself a drink and sit in the living room to watch T.V. and unwind. One night when he was there, he woke me up at 2:00 a.m. and he was upset and scared. He told me he was watching T.V. and something sat on him - on his lap. He could feel and see the depression on his legs but yet he couldn't see what was there.

He said he told whatever it was that he was getting up . . . now! And apparently it left.

I didn't believe him until two weeks later when it did it me, too. I was sleeping in my bed along with my son. My body was turned facing him. I awoke to feeling depressions on the mattress walking up towards my backside, then I thought I would test this out to see what happens. I know it wasn't my son; I was looking right at him. It touched my ankle and when it did it felt cold and numbing like when you come down from Novacaine at the dentist – a pins and needles feeling. Then it touched my hip and the same feeling was there. I can tell that whatever it was had big hands. Then my ankle that it had a hold of started to rise in the air as though it wanted some pleasure in a sexual way.

When I went to roll over I felt static electricity like an old T.V. set when you turned it on you had to wait for it to warm up. I jumped out of bed and yelled, “Don't touch me!"

It did try more things like that later throughout the years of me living there.

I felt that I made it clear to whatever it was, and the touching did stop but not the games of electronics coming on and off. One time my husband and I were getting romantic in the bedroom. My door was open a crack and I could see the bathroom light was on. A few moments later the bathroom light was going off and on as though someone was turning the switch off and on. I told my husband that my son must have heard us and he is in the bathroom. My husband got up and went to my son’s room and saw him sound asleep.

I lived there for fourteen years and I did have a Medicine Man (Indian holy man) come and bless my home. He told me he felt it was a demon and that he called upon his ancestors to help fight along with the great buffalo and timber wolves to guard and protect us. Later on I had a psychic come and read my home. I told him nothing and he said “You have a strong bond with your son, right?" I said, “Yes. He says, “You have angels dancing in your son’s room and they have feathers in theer hair." He also said he noticed a wolf outside wandering around my home. (Remember I live in the city.)

Thank you for reading.