Bloody Mary Encounters (Maybe)

by Saffire B.
(Denver, Colorado. USA)

You may think I'm crazy just like everyone I know does, but I really don't care. My encounter with spirits or ghosts (whichever you want to say) happens everyday.

A few weeks ago I had a sleepover with a couple of my friends we were playing truth or dare. I was dared to go and "summon" Bloody Mary or whatever you want to say. So I did, and nothing happened. So I just ignored it and walked out of the bathroom. The next day when I got home I went to the bathroom to wash my hands for lunch, I looked up in the mirror and I swear I saw something run across it. I was so scared, I ran out of the bathroom, and tried to explain to my dad and sisters. I refused to go into the bathroom for the rest of the day. That night while I was getting ready for bed I looked at my mirror, (I have this REALLY big mirror, it covers half of my wall) and saw a white figure standing there watching me (kinda creepy).

I ran out of my room screaming. I didn't want to sleep in there, but my dad still made me so I just covered up all the mirrors in my room and anything else that can create a reflection. From then on I have left my mirrors covered. I'm not exactly sure though that it is Bloody Mary. The figure looks more like a man and my grandpa just died not too long ago and his last words were, "I will always be there to watch and protect you." My grandpa and I were extremely close.

If you have any ghost stories please post them, they are so much fun to read!

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Bloody Mary Encounters (Maybe)

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Jan 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

If it is your Grandpa by all means, UNCOVER THE MIRROR! My dad said the same thing and if I ever see him I won't want him to leave!

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