Bingkor, Sabah, Malaysia

by Rachella A

Many strange things have happened here.

One incident was the day before Christmas. My little brother saw a woman passing by while he was playing outside of the house. He told us and the same thing happened to my cousin named Eva. She saw a pair of red eyes looking through the window when we are taking a few snaps of pictures.

It happened to me when I was still young. I went to our "forbidden" backyard which was said to be haunted. I saw a kid playing alone. I wanted to join him but suddenly I felt ill. When I woke up, my grandmother told me that I was actually talking to a spirit. This has made me a scared girl for years. Eva's youngest brother, Xavier has also seen a little boy wearing a school uniform near my grandmother's big pond. She said that this place was live with spirits.... thats all about my story.

I will tell you more when something strange happen again...

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