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Bedtime Visitor

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Feb 27, 2011
Bedroom visitor
by: Anonymous

It's interesting to read other stories on here as this morning I have just had a really strange experience here in the flat my boyfriend and I rent.

My boyfriend left early today to go and play golf and so I went back to sleep. I woke up to hear footsteps in the passageway outside our bedroom and was horrified to discover that I was completely paralyzed!! I could only open my eyes - just - and I couldn't focus very well at all. I felt as though I had been drugged and started to panic.

Then, as I lay there desperately trying to move any part of my body at all, I heard the footsteps next to my bed. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to die. I kept looking towards the sound of the footsteps but there was nothing there.

Then, to my horror, the covers were rustling (they make quite a lot of noise as have lace on), again I tried to move but couldn't, then I felt a heavy weight sit on the bed and I felt it dip on that side. It was as real as if my boyfriend had climbed in next to me but he hadn't . . . something definitely did though!!

I have never been a big believer in ghosts and I was 100% awake. I have never suffered with poor sleep/hallucinations etc but this has really scared me.

I must have been trying to sit up because when my body allowed me to move again, I suddenly sat upright. I was still terrified and looked next to me to see what was there . . . there was nothing there and I could hear footsteps outside the bedroom again as if whoever had been there was now leaving again. I stayed in the bedroom for about 2 hours after this as I was too scared to even leave the room!!!

My boyfriend thought thta this flat was creepy and I am just counting down the days now until we move out in 3 months time!!!

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