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A Walking Ghost

by Muriel/YSC

There were days I would see this young man living and breathing on the streets here in Phoenix, Arizona. I would see him daring the car drivers to hit him as he crossed the street. I had thought to myself that he would die very soon.

The day came in front of the grocery store when a man was bothering the store's employees of how he needs help because he thought he was going to die. The store manager kicked him out of the store and the man went into the next Ace Hardware Store and begged them to call 911 so he could get help. They kicked him out of their store and there he was leaning against the front red block wall suffering.

This is when I and a Doctor of Medicine walked by the man who was lying still with his head thrown back as though he was sick and dreaming at the same time. I quickly told the Doctor to examine him to see if he will live. The Doctor refused and insisted that I mind my own business. I shouted with anger and I wanted to call 911. The Doctor got angry and said let him die.

How did I walk away? We went home and that was the end of that. Now.......> About three days later I was standing on the driveway concrete outside the garage door floor gently feeding a feral cat. There were 7 foot high walls on either side of me and the cat but an opening to the local black paved street to the east. I suddenly realized that the wind was picking up and that the Oleander bushes across the street were moving with the wind but not all branches were moving in the same direction. I thought this is odd.

I noticed there was this extreme static in the wind and a crackling noise in the air. Oh! This must be a tiny tornado passing around. Then all of a sudden I was being held in place by something with more strength that we could imagine and the cat stopped looking at me and started to stare at something that looked to me like a bright light. Then there was this white cloud-like glow around a man walking by, looking very sad. I wanted to say hello but I was frozen.

All I could do was stare as he walked by the cat and me. I then realized that I could see through him as he continued walking toward the south. I had recognized him and it was that young man I had a feeling about in front of the store a few days ago. He slowly walked by and never looked at me. When he got past the wall, I was released from the hold and I moved to see who walked by, but he just disappeared. The cat took off running and sadly never came back. I think that young man wanted me to see a ghost so I would believe about the after life as a gift for caring about him when he was alive.

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