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The following ghost video clip is about
a ghost found in a hospital.

"Beware of the moors." - An American Werewolf in London

If one were searching for ghosts, a hospital seems like a good place to look. The reason being that people die in hospitals; and these people, unencumbered by the constraints of a physical body, are free to roam about. But what about the person who is hanging out at the hospital but doesn't want to stop hanging out? That's when things start to get a bit spooky.

It is said that there are different types of hauntings; i.e., residual hauntings or intelligent hauntings. An intelligent haunting is thought to be the presence of a responsive being, someone who is there able to make decisions and interact with the living. A residual haunting is thought to be recordings of some incident that plays over and over, being triggered by certain events. These could actually be mental imagepictures or memories that get embedded into a space.

When considering ghosts haunting a hospital, at first it seems that the entities would be eager to get on their way, go to the light, head for the next plane or get ready for their next life, according to whatever their religious beliefs are. So it follows that any lingering spirits would be residual hauntings, which some may be. After all, hospitals are the one place people go when they have a tragic illnesses or trauma, which are a both catalysts to residual hauntings.

However, thinking further on this, it is possible that the person may have worked at the hospital, feels responsible for the area and lingers out of concern that things keep running properly. Sometimes people don't realize they have died or perhaps they could get stuck in a time-warp of sorts, thinking they're really waiting in the maternity ward for their wife to give birth. On the other hand, maybe they think that nowthey are dead, they have no place left to go. There are many, many reasons for hospitals to be haunted which makes the ghost video clip on this page very plausible.

It was taken in an abandoned hospital and unfortunately the image is not very high res. It is 33 seconds long and the camera is circling the room. Finally at about 30 seconds, it pans the corner and you see a faint image or shape in the corner. Thenthe camera continues on, comes back and the shape is gone. We have no way of knowing if this is a real ghost, but it certainly is a spooky, convincing fake. What do you think?

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