Online Ghost Video

We found this online ghost video and found it to be very scary.

"HATED. DESPISED! Living like an ANIMAL!!" - Bride of the Monster

We don't know the story behind it, but would be eager to hear it if any of you do. When you only get a few seconds of something it is difficult to determine the validity of an image. Unfortunately, while we find this video to be rather scary, it does appear to just be someone coming out of the bathroom.

Nevertheless, it is startling and for all of you surfers hanging out looking for some ghostly entertainment, we thought you'd enjoy being spooked by it, if nothing else.

If anyone watching this knows the story behind it, please share it with us. We'll post your replies on this page. You can use the "Contact Us" form that can be found by clicking here .

Meantime, watch this ghost footage now.

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