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In this video, the digital movie camera catches a little boy coming down the hall. He turns into what appears to be the living room. But if you watch, something is following him. Keep watching. It appears as a mist and passes the little boy winding up down by the camera.

Children have been said to be paranormally susceptible. They are supposedly more open to communications from the unseen. Poltergeist activity has been associated with young teenagers, especially girls and puberty is an especially volatile time. Perhaps this is due to hormonal changes in the child's system.Perhaps during this time, signals in the body are at such an intense level that it pushes certain children into an overload of human abilities. Perhaps much poltergeist activity isn't due to haunting, but due mere by extraordinary abilities brought about due to childhood changes in the body.

In this ghosts video, it almost looks like someone hasbeen hanging around the little boy.

What do you think?

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