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Japanese Ghost Videos

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On this page, we have posted several Japanese ghost videos.

"Send more paramedics!" - Return of the Living Dead

We stumbled upon these recently and think you will enjoy them.

None of us here speak Japanese, so hopefully there is nothing verbally offensive in an of these selections. What struck us most was the fact that these videos are very artful, creative and very spooky. To me, they are really scary.

Yes, I have seen the movies, "The Grudge," "Ju-on," and "The Grudge II." I have to admit that while the Japanese understand and can duplicate Hollywood's mainstream horror tactics, I believe they take it a step further. All the Japanese ghost stories I've seen have been just a little creepier, a little spookier and a little scarier than what Hollywood cranks out.

I believe that this is because there is an element of distinct spirituality in their work, one that Hollywood often misses or even avoids. I'm telling you, some of the material coming out of America can be appauling and downright annoying, due to the overkill of special effects and even outright lies about spirituality and ghosts.

It gets old. One ghost outdoing another or even spreading generalities and falsehoods about how evil ghosts are . . . I guess if a ghost isn't a serial killer, then it just isn't a ghost. It really gets old.

Now the Japanese are not pristine in this respect. They just do it better. There's more mystery or suspense involved. Somehow it doesn't offend me.

They've done an excellent job in the below. Are the ghosts real? No. At least we don't think so. But these videos are very good.

Please take some time and peruse our collection of Japanese ghost videos. We'll keep posting as we find more.


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