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"Help me! Help meeeeeeeee!" - The Fly (1958)

Abandoned buildings seem to be rich in
paranormal activity, and even if that isn't actual fact, they nonetheless create a spooky backdrop fueling our imaginations with things that go bump in the night!

In this day and age of sky-rocketing real estate prices, why do buildings become and remain abandoned? Divorce, illness, apathy, financial problems, and environmental toxicity are some obvious reasons. In the latter case, the cost of removal can be so great it outweighs the benefits, resulting in buildings that are left to disrepair, vandalism and eventually, ruin.

Are all abandoned buildings haunted? Of course not, but the unsightliness of a ruined structure is so opposed to our own "home sweet home" feelings of warmth and comfort, that it creates images of loss, loneliness and therefore, hauntedness.

Avid and/or wannabe paranormal investigators are drawn to abandoned buildings in search of evidence like a magnet to steel. A glimpse into the dreary, sad "within" might reveal a hopeful ghost or two, making the wicked temptation hard to resist. Should you find yourself with the impulse to sneak unauthorized into an abandoned building, we ask that you be respectful in your quest and do not trespass. Use care to ensure the safety of yourselves and others and by all means, do nothing illegal. Doing so only works to lessen the credibilty of a field already regarded with skepticism. In other words, don't be a nuisance. Get permission, be safe or stay away!

If you do get an EVP of a ghostly voice telling you to "GET OUT!" it might really be the voice of the local sheriff, sneaking up behind to escort you to jail.

That said, take a look at this freaky ghost video and see what you think.

Nah! It must just be a kid in a black hood and shirt, right? . . . Right?

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