The Sycamore Alley Ghost

by Mrs. Taylor
(Donora, PA, USA )

My daughter was hit by a car when she was three. Ever since then she could talk to and see things that no one else could. I always believed children could see things that others could not. My daughter is 11 now. My town is known to be haunted as there are many sightings and stories surrounding it. My town was the heart of the steel mills, mines, and the smog that killed many people back in the day. Our roads back in the old days were tunnels. I want to be able to see things my daughter does, so I decided for us to go "Ghost Hunting," something for her and I to do together. Usually on the weekends, we started to go walking around the town, different areas and just click pictures. We normally go around 8 or 9 pm, and just get out for a few hours and get some exercise, and spend time together. On this particular night, I decided to go past my deceased grandmother's house (she passed away a few months ago) to see if we could get any images of her, but we got nothing. As we were walking toward the end of the alley, we started taking pictures by some older apartment buildings, and out of three pictures, this is what we got!

It is an image of a woman. I do not know who she is, no one in my family that I've shown it to knows either. I know she was not there when we took the picture, not that I could see. One thing is for sure, she was aware of us and is looking at the camera!

We have been back to that area a few times hoping to get my gram on camera, and have not yet seen her or the mysterious lady...........YET. I have a few more pictures I will be submitting, so be looking for them!

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