The Goat-Man

"The Goat-Man"

Two years ago I purchased my first camera phone. I quickly realized the photos to "My Album" weren't really MINE. Due to my diminishing minutes, I was asked to send a photo to my phone company for verification purposes. The first shot was a sheer miss of my face. So this photo is taken right afterward. It's a self-portrait.

The obvious hand on my shoulder, I dismissed as an awesome angel photo. Later when I showed my sister, she instantly saw the image of my father who passed away in 1976. But, to the bottom right of this photo, is an image of his high school graduation photo. To all others who have seen this photo, ALL they see is what appears to them as the "Goat-man" with his gnarled hand on my shoulder and his scary 'mask' face looking to take a bite out of my neck. If I acknowledged such an evil entity, I'd only be allowing my fear or curiosity to give it power. So instead I frustrate the realm.

Since that first photo, I'm able to photograph or videotape such images whenever - wherever. Its become pretty edgy the past two months. My two teenage sons were killed in an auto accident Nov. 3rd, 2007. With this horrific tragedy, I've been overwhelmed with their images and 'The Goat-man's'. I'm only concerned for their well-being. Wanting to protect them from any type of darkness. I'm praying that they're safe within the arms of angels.

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