Supercharged Pink Energy

by ikkehiernu

Pink Spirit Energy

Pink Spirit Energy

This picture was taken of the Christmas tree and shows some kind of supercharged pink energy which was not there at the time the picture was taken nor were they part of the Christmas decorations. What amazed me was that they even seem to cast shadows as well.

I have counted 5 'ribbons' coming out of the left corner where a doll was sitting in an antique children's chair. Later a psychic told us the chair was cursed. We had a lot of spirit activity like a light turned on by itself in the middle of the day and would not go out unless the bulb was removed, the tv and phone disturbed, pets acting strange etc.

We even had to have it exorcized because we developed medical problems which we didn't have before. It also seems to attached itself to our newborn daughter.

The night when the psychic started to break the curse his helpers came and took the negative spirit away.

When that happened I heard the strangest cry/moan (something I never had heard before, non human) coming out of the nursery. Since then the problems are over. The chair is currently standing at my aunt's house and she never has problems. I can post a picture of the chair also, you really feel the negative energy coming from it. If you look closely you see the face of an elderly man in the wood. These kinds of chairs were made in Holland in the early 1900s. Normally they have 4 short legs, this one has wheels. Why? Maybe it belonged to a handicapped child. Who knows...

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