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Paragon Paranormal Investigators of Northern Illinois

by Cher Andersen
(Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA)

Hello All!! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cher Andersen and I am the founder of Paragon Paranormal Investigators of Northern Illinois. We are a newer and energetic investigation group based out of Wonder Lake, Illinois. We specialize in professional and discreet, no-cost paranormal investigations in homes and businesses in the Northern Il/Southern WI areas. Our investigation style is made up using scientific tools such as IR cameras, EMF Meters, and audio recorders, along with our own senses to discover any hauntings.

We are currently working on a co-operative investigation in Southern Illinois, a hotel in our area and an empty plot of land that used to be occupied by a farm, but we believe there are at least 2 spirits remaining long after the buildings have been torn away!

If there is any assistance we might be able to provide, give me a call. (815) 790-0533 or look for us on the web at www.paragonparanormal.homestead.com

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Paragon Paranormal Investigators of Northern Illinois

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Aug 20, 2009
Your website doesn't work
by: Phsyc

Your new website has nothing but broken links and the www.paragonparanormal.homestead.com site doesn't exist. For having alot of energy you guys sure don't do much.

Aug 18, 2009
the dark men
by: s.kaufmann

last night, at around 1 a.m. my sons friend ( age 17, very nice boy)was riding home on his long board, through the bike trails on memory trail.. he heard a noise, something big, shadowy, and dark jumped right in his face(from up in the trees) and looked right at him.. the kid swung his long board at it, it jumped back into the trees, and the kid started frantically riding as fast as he could to my house(close, but in the opposite direction ) he could hear the "thing" following him, even though he was probably riding at thirty miles an hour, and it was jumping onto rooftops..he ran right into my house and my son woke me up right away( it's NOT something we talk about, but he knows I've had some (alot) of "experiences" like that myself) The kid was pretty shaken up and :dazed" and I just told him to calm down, do NOT talk about it or think about it... and by the way, THANKS for bringing it to my house!!!!!!!I fell asleep, having horrible dreams, and waking up every now n then cause I thought I heard some sort of "singing" from a distance... Later on at about 4 a.m. my son woke me up because the ***profanity removed*** went back there( this time with 3 friends, all teenage boys, normal, happy, well adjusted kids) and the same thing happened again! My son said the "thing"watched him run into my house!! I have not been "bothered" by any of these kinds of things for years, and I do NOT want it to start happening to me again!!! Do you have any advice???

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