Our Haunted House

by Joyce W
(El Reno, Oklahoma, USA)

Ghost in the House

Ghost in the House

We have lived here approximately five and have cabinets slamming, pots and pans being pulled out of the bottom cabinet like a baby was playing there, a man walks through the house then goes out the back door, and have a picture which shows children and angels but no one was smoking because we had a baby in the house and my 10 year old took the picture.

Things in the kitchen will disappear then return a week or so later.

Several family members have lived with us and have seen things.

My husband said he would keep feeling someone bump the end of the bed keeping him awake and every time he would almost get to sleep this person would bump the bed again. I thought he was just being an idiot until I went to bed one night and the same thing happened to me.

My mother-in-law was living with us and started talking to my husband (her son) one night about 1 am coming out of the kitchen, but then he came out of the bedroom and it wasn't him. The back room stays constantly cold and no one really wants to sleep there, my 2 year-old grandson is constantly talking to someone and my 10-year old daughter says she sees people.

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