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Monastery Ghost

by Robbie McNeil
(Glasgow, Scotland)

While taking pictures of this beautiful monastery in Scotland, we were unaware of what we could have found. We found this on one of the photos when we got home. It appears to be a figure walking left on the footpath.

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Monastery Ghost

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Jul 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

That is too weird, looks like a girl or woman in white long clothing and really long black hair walking towards the monastery. Wicked pic!

May 18, 2011
by: Jessie

Again I believe this is just a trick of the light. You can't see other streams of light in the picture and one is by it. It is just a thickness in the air. Or possibly this could be a person moving really fast. I mean the possibilities are endless. I do not believe this is a ghost.

Mar 26, 2011
by: Jay Jay

That is a good picture. Scotland is famous for being haunted.

Feb 11, 2011
The building
by: Jeremy

Looks like an old castle. Are you sure it was a monastery? Excellent pic though. Maybe someone was murdered?

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