Ghostly Happenings: An Eerie Evening in a Mansion Attic

by Dama
(Vero Beach, FL, USA)

Friends of the close to 100-year-old mansion loved holding their Halloween parties in this beautiful old former senator's home. It had always been fun, but a bit spooky.

This particular year, I climbed the stairs into the attic to gather up old and much used decorations for this Halloween party. I was alone, but I didn't feel I was alone. Every box I looked in, I felt there was someone watching over my shoulder. Here I was, a mother and grandmother, yet I began to feel cold and a bit afraid.

How many times had I told my children that there were no ghosts - just imaginations?

I did know that Chinese servants had probably lived in this area, and probably some had died there. There was no history of such that I knew of. I hesitantly went on with my gathering of decorations, as the party was the next night. Soon, my friend Judy would arrive and help me. I thought, why had I not waited for her in the first place?

When I had all my boxes filled, I decided I would try to get them all down before she arrived. That way we could go right to work. I picked up my first box, and the bottom opened and everything was back on the floor. Patiently, I picked up another box, and checked it thoroughly. As I started down the stairs, I slipped and dropped the box - yes, it emptied to the floor. I could have sworn I heard a little giggle. Of course, I know that I didn't. All of this was enough for me; I left and Judy and I went back up together. I had not told her anything about the boxes, but the first thing she said when we were in this large attic was: "I almost feel the presence of someone else up here. Do you?"

The party was a great success, and the attic "people" did not come down for the fun. Do you suppose they might have been there?

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Ghostly Happenings: An Eerie Evening in a Mansion Attic

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Mar 12, 2010
very cooool
by: Anonymous

I could feel a cool breath on my neck as I read your story. Mansion attics seem like a perfect place for ghosts to mingle!

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