Full Moon Paranormal Society

by William B. Brown
(New Haven, Missouri )

The Full Moon Paranormal Society (FMPS) is a small group of paranormal investigators. We work mostly in Missouri to the west and southwest of St. Louis. At the present time we have four members. All four of the members are either past or present employees of Six Flags Theme Park. This works real well because many believe that this is the most haunted theme park in North America.

The four members are part of three generations of the same family. The members of this family have had paranormal experiences starting in the middle to late 1940s. The family lived together in a large house in New Haven Missouri where paranormal activity occurred regularly. All of the members of the FMPS have had paranormal experiences at Six Flags St. Louis.

This is the reason that although we do investigate at other locations, we have an ongoing low key investigation at Six Flags St. Louis. All of the FMPS members are open minded with a healthy amount of skepticism. We work very hard to find alternate explanations for any evidence that we collect. This has resulted in us disregarding some very good evidence because we have found alternate explanations that throw some doubt on the evidence.

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