Bachelors Grove, Midloathoan, Illinois

by L. Ziad
(Burbank, Illinois)

I am the founder of CAPI, a paranormal investigation team in Chicago. I have heard about Bachelors Grove for a while and when I found out it was a 10 min drive from my house, I decided to grab a few of our team members and go check it out. It goes all the way back to the mid 1800's.

It's a small cemetery and a lot of vandalism has occurred there for years. Many bodies have been moved to different cemeteries because of this. It's even noted that the mobs used to dump the bodies of their victims in the small pond next to the cemetery. From stories of black hooded figures, a weeping woman in white, to an old groundskeeper with a lantern to a disappearing house, it definitely is a very active and HAUNTED place!!!

While investigating in daylight, I had seen this massive black shadow dart through the woods and heard sticks crackling below. It was winter so there were no leaves from the trees to obscure my view. We decided to return, for it was a full "red" moon that night. I sent my 2 male investigators in while I drove around. They called me 10 min later and said to get them the hell out of there!!!

They heard voices whisper, saw shadowy figures and growling! We even got mists and orbs on our pics!

(Note: While I am appreciative and happy you sent your story, I am not in favor of visitors of this website entering this cemetery and desecrating it any further than has already been done. It's like a circus! Therefore, I have removed references to its exact location and any disrespectful comments or posts will be deleted. Originators will be banned without comment. Paranormal investigation must be done in a legal and professional manner. This site is not into disrespect.

This comment is not intended for you, L., it is intended for any baser visitors who don't respect property, life, the living or the dead. - Brenda, Webmaster)

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