Animal Ghost

by Stephen P Marson
(Litchfield MI)

My ghostly encounter took place about 10 years ago. I was a police officer working for a small city PD. I was working the midnight shift. Typically the midnight shift would do property checks for local businesses. This is known as rattling the doors or rattle watch.

I was doing door check about 3 am. One of the businesses was located just outside the jurisdiction. The business was a gas station. I was behind the building checking the doors when I heard a cat meow. I could tell by the meow that it wasn't a kitten and it wasn't a fully grown cat. I would have guessed the age at 1 year.

I started looking around for the cat. I checked the inside of the dumpster. I even looked under the dumpster. During the time I could still hear the cat meow. I got frustrated because I could hear the cat but I couldn't find it.

I stood still for a moment, and was thinking to myself where the heck is that cat. The meow sounded really cross to me. In fact I looked down at my feet. I heard the cat. I have had cats before and standing at your feet is what they do when they want something.

I determined that the cat was lonely and wanted attention. I did many many door checks after that and never encountered the cat.

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